Is Video too Successful for Video Production BUSINESSES Own Good?

You may have seen articles, such as this one from the Guardian or various infographics that lay on thick and fast the benefits of having video content. Of course I’ve used them myself to promote the Cambridge Video Production Company’s services, and I honestly believe (most of them) to be accurate. We don’t like the ‘hard sell’ approach, so we’re not using these figures and stats to scare customers into thinking that if you don’t have a video right now, you will be missing out and be left behind (by 2018, it is predicted that 79% of all consumer internet traffic will be video).

In the last couple of years, and especially just the last 6 months or so I’ve seen for myself a big shift in awareness of the importance of using video as part of your marketing strategy. 2 or 3 years ago, many business decision makers wouldn’t give video a 2nd thought, maybe thinking video is just a relic of the 90’s corporate video, or just a waste of time and money. Now marketers and decision makers have been seeing a direct ROI from video content, long story short - marketing, web and corporate videos are kind of a big deal now.

Maybe too much of a big deal. Something I’ve noticed the past couple of months, is the increase in full time, in house Video Producer job positions. This makes sense for several reasons, instead of a stand alone video, video can be incorporated into a larger business strategy. Of course a video production company can do this for you, but then costs come into it and it could be more cost effective to employ a video producer.  An in house video producer will have a greater understanding of what direction the business is going in, and can work more efficiently with their colleagues.

I haven’t got any stats or figures to back up the growing resurgence of the in house video producer, that I might just be making up, but I have seen more and more of these positions cropping up. Albeit with the bigger businesses and institutions. Don’t worry, smaller, independent businesses - we will be here and happy to serve you for all your video content needs!

It would be interesting to see how successful these positions are over the next years, as this must be very much uncharted territory. And closer to home, how will video production companies alter their business strategy to keep up?