Starting up a small business, how to get seen and do SEO the fun way

The Cambridge Video Production Company is a relatively new business - we officially got going towards the latter end of 2014. Although I’ve been working with video for over 10 years, with personal projects, studying Video Production at University, and work experience placements, setting up a business and getting this business seen is a first.

In 2006, as I was finishing my studies at University, I did my first Corporate Video. It was for a business I was put in touch with through a mutual friend, who had told this business the videos I was filming and editing at University were looking good, and they could benefit from having a short Talking Head video.

This was in the early days of YouTube, and it didn’t even occur to me at the time how effective YouTube could be as a platform for promoting businesses with video. I shot and edited the video for this business, I made them 50 odd DVD’s, which they could hand out to their prospective clients. They paid me about £200 for this and bought me a beer, I left University, moved back to Cambridge and didn’t think about using video for business for about 7 years.

Around 2013, I was working in advertising and marketing, and it absolutely hit me how effective video now is. I spoke to a few friends who run their own business and asked if they’d like me to create them a video, free of charge, if you don’t like it, don’t use it kind of thing. But the response was overwhelmingly positive and here we are.

Going back to my original topic, I know video, but not too sure about how to get my business seen. I had made a website, but it was languishing; hidden away in the depths of Google Searches. Through my marketing work I was aware of the effectiveness of using social media to boost your SEO, I just didn’t know how to personally implement it.

What I did know is Google loves video - a video embedded on your website will improve your rankings, so I was good there. Next was social media, I know how to use Facebook, so setting up a Facebook page wasn’t too taxing at all, and I think I secretly really enjoyed it.

I wasn’t really enjoying Twitter though. I didn’t really know what I was doing, and it seemed to take an age to get more than 20 followers. I had read previously: ‘create engaging posts’ so I just tweeted things like ‘Check out our new website… #website #cambridge’ which probably didn’t really help. And then it twigged - it’s not so much engaging posts, but engaging with people. Twitter and Facebook can be used as really nice, informal networking sessions. I always thought I knew what was happening in Cambridge - what events were going on where, good places to eat, what new shops are opening up, which great pub is turning into a block of unaffordable student housing, but it turns out I was completely in the dark until I really starting engaging with other users.

And a couple of busy short months later, from simply engaging with others, well, nice friendly chat really, I’ve had a good number of enquiries, and as a nice little bonus - it seems to have sprungboard the website on Google searches from page 30 something, to page 2.

So don’t let a SEO and Social Media Agency charge you a ridiculous rate to boost your Google search rankings, just take a few minutes to sign up to Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and just start having fun chatting to other local business owners.

But do buy a Video. They’re amazing.