Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We're interested in a video, but we've never done anything like this before, what happens first?

A: Don't worry! We will guide you through every step. Firstly we would need to get in contact to discuss your requirements. It's important we completely understand what you are looking to gain from the video, and make sure we are both on the same page before we start to shoot anything. The more we understand what you do, the better job we can do. We can arrange a meeting, or discuss over the phone if you'd prefer.


Q: Do you have a rate card with a full list of services?

A: Yes we do, however we find it best if we discuss what type of video you are looking for first. In many cases it will be a bespoke video. After initial discussions, we will put together a proposal for you, outlining what we believe to be the most effective video we can create for you. This will come with a complete breakdown of the service we will be providing, as well as a detailed quote. However if you'd like to just see our rate card, please contact us.


Q: What type of video do you do? Not those cheesy corporate videos I hope! With the terrible music and worse acting!

A: Well we still like the classic 'talking head' type video. It's a great way of communicating your message or brand, and it's good to put a face to the business - to create that personal touch. However we believe we have a more modern and timeless look and style. We shoot a lot of B-Roll, creating more of a documentary style video. It will have a more cinematic look. We don't do the cheesy backing music and we definitely won't ask you to introduce yourself by turning towards the camera and announcing "Oh, hello I didn't see you there!"

Ultimately we strive to create the right video for you.


Q: I'm camera shy! What if I don't want to appear in the video?

A: Don't worry! You don't have to be in the video, we can look at other methods to get your message across. We currently have a female voiceover artist if needed, at no extra cost.


Q: How long can we expect to wait to see the finished video? Do we see a proof first?

A: The shoot itself in most cases shouldn't take longer than a half day, although again this can change depending on the video. After shooting we aim to have a proof back to you within 72 hours. We don't charge more for 'extra days' editing; the video is finished when the video is finished and we will work on it until you are happy with it. If we feel the job may take longer we will be touch to let you know exactly what is happening. 

In most cases, from shoot to finished video, it shouldn't take longer than 5 working days.


Q: We're super happy with the finished video! But we don't know what to do with it. Please help!

A: All the videos we produce are primarily for online use, especially with corporate style videos, or business videos. And we will help you get your video seen! We can set up your YouTube channel and advise you on how to use and share your video effectively. And there's no extra charge for this - we're just really helpful and nice! What we don't do is embed it onto your website, but your website person or technician should be able to do this.

If you need a hard copy of the video, or will be specifically planning on showing the video on a tv or projector, please let us know beforehand.


Q: I love that song on the radio! Can we use that as the background music?

A: Not really no. You can't use copyrighted music. YouTube and Vimeo use a very effective method to scan and detect copyrighted music. If your video is flagged up, they can remove the audio track entirely and even remove the video. If you absolutely insist we will do it for you, but we won't amend it if you get caught. Sorry. But we will discuss music choice before shooting, and we can find some nice and legal music to use!


Q: Will you cover our event?

A: It depends, we prefer to create scripted and planned short videos for you. We don't to presentations and talks, but please get in touch and let us know what you have going on and we'll can see what we can do for you!